VLC  3.0.0-git
Data Fields
vout_control_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlc_mutex_t lock
vlc_cond_t wait_request
vlc_cond_t wait_acknowledge
bool is_dead
bool can_sleep
bool is_processing
struct {
   int   i_alloc
   int   i_size
   vout_control_cmd_t *   p_elems

Field Documentation

◆ can_sleep

bool vout_control_t::can_sleep

◆ cmd

struct { ... } vout_control_t::cmd

◆ i_alloc

int vout_control_t::i_alloc

◆ i_size

int vout_control_t::i_size

◆ is_dead

bool vout_control_t::is_dead

◆ is_processing

bool vout_control_t::is_processing

◆ lock

vlc_mutex_t vout_control_t::lock

◆ p_elems

vout_control_cmd_t* vout_control_t::p_elems

◆ wait_acknowledge

vlc_cond_t vout_control_t::wait_acknowledge

◆ wait_request

vlc_cond_t vout_control_t::wait_request

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