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A slider controls a certain percentage value of VLC, like the position in the current playback or the volume.

General Attributes

A unique identifier for the item.

A boolean expression indicating whether the item is shown or hidden.
XML-attribute name: visible

X and Y
The coordinates of the item relative to the parent container (Layout, Panel or Group).

Lefttop and Rightbottom
Indicate to which corners of the parent container the item's corners are attatched to in case of resizing.
See also: "How to create a resizable window"

Keep X/Y ratio
Indicate whether the items relative horizontal and vertical positions in the parent container should be maintained when it is resized.
See also: "How to create a resizable window"
XML-attribute name: xkeepratio & ykeepratio

Help text
Help text for the current control. The text variable $H will be set to this value when the mouse moves over the item.
XML-attribute name: help

Slider Attributes

Under construction

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