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Percentage variables

These variables serve as values for Slider items and determine their state and effect.

Playback control

This variable controls the current position of the playback of the current file, track or stream.

Audio control

This variable controls the volume of the current playback.

This set of variables control the amplification factors of the 10 frequency bands of the equalizer.
When the equalizer audio filter is enabled, the value of the slider corresponds to the amplification factor of the n'th frequency band: 0% mean -20 dB, and 100% mean +20 dB.
n has to be an integer from 0 to 9. The correspoding frequencies to the bands 0 - 9 are:
0 - 60Hz
1 - 170Hz
2 - 310Hz
3 - 600Hz
4 - 1kHz,
5 - 3kHz
6 - 6kHz
7 - 12kHz
8 - 14kHz
9 - 16kHz

This variable controls the preamplification value of the equalizer audio filter, when it is activated. Analogue to the equalizer bands, 0% mean -20 dB and 100% mean +20dB.

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