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Data Fields
dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s Struct Reference

splice events structure, More...

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Data Fields

uint32_t i_splice_event_id
bool b_splice_event_cancel_indicator
bool b_out_of_network_indicator
bool b_program_splice_flag
bool b_duration_flag
uint32_t i_utc_splice_time
uint8_t i_component_count
uint16_t i_unique_program_id
uint8_t i_avail_num
uint8_t i_avails_expected

Detailed Description

splice events structure,

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Field Documentation

◆ b_duration_flag

bool dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::b_duration_flag

signals existing break_duration() field

◆ b_out_of_network_indicator

bool dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::b_out_of_network_indicator

signals an out of network feed event

◆ b_program_splice_flag

bool dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::b_program_splice_flag

signals a Program Splice Point

◆ b_splice_event_cancel_indicator

bool dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::b_splice_event_cancel_indicator

cancels splice event when true

◆ i_avail_num

uint8_t dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::i_avail_num

identification for a specific avail within one unique_program_id.

◆ i_avails_expected

uint8_t dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::i_avails_expected

count of the expected number of individual avails within the current viewing event

◆ i_component_count

uint8_t dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::i_component_count

number of stream PID in the following loop. A component is equivalent to elementary stream PIDs.

◆ i_splice_event_id

uint32_t dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::i_splice_event_id

splice event identifier

◆ i_unique_program_id

uint16_t dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::i_unique_program_id

provide a unique identification for a viewing event

◆ i_utc_splice_time

uint32_t dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::i_utc_splice_time

time of the signaled splice event as the number of seconds since 00 hours UTC, January 6th, 1980. Maybe converted to UTC without use of GPS_UTC_offset value from System Time table.

◆ p_break_duration

dvbpsi_sis_break_duration_t* dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::p_break_duration

break duration is present when b_duration_flag is set

◆ p_data

dvbpsi_sis_component_utc_splice_time_t* dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::p_data

identifies the elementary PID stream containing the Splice Point specified by the value of splice_time() that follows.

◆ p_next

dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_t* dvbpsi_sis_splice_event_s::p_next

next splice event structure

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