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strings.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  xml_entity_s


#define strcoll   strcasecmp


static int cmp_entity (const void *key, const void *elem)
void vlc_xml_decode (char *psz_value)
 Decodes XML entities. More...
char * vlc_xml_encode (const char *str)
 Encodes XML entites. More...
void vlc_hex_encode_binary (const void *input, size_t size, char *output)
 Encode binary data as hex string. More...
char * vlc_b64_encode_binary (const void *src, size_t length)
 Base64 encoding. More...
char * vlc_b64_encode (const char *src)
 Base64 encoding (string). More...
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary_to_buffer (void *dst, size_t size, const char *restrict src)
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary (uint8_t **pp_dst, const char *psz_src)
char * vlc_b64_decode (const char *psz_src)
char * vlc_strftime (const char *tformat)
 Convenience wrapper for strftime(). More...
static void write_duration (struct vlc_memstream *stream, vlc_tick_t duration)
static int write_meta (struct vlc_memstream *stream, input_item_t *item, vlc_meta_type_t type)
char * vlc_strfplayer (vlc_player_t *player, input_item_t *item, const char *s)
 Formats input meta-data. More...
int vlc_filenamecmp (const char *a, const char *b)
void filename_sanitize (char *str)
 Sanitize a file name. More...


static const struct xml_entity_s xml_entities []

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ strcoll

#define strcoll   strcasecmp

Referenced by slave_strcmp(), and vlc_filenamecmp().

Function Documentation

◆ cmp_entity()

static int cmp_entity ( const void *  key,
const void *  elem 

References name, and xml_entity_s::psz_entity.

Referenced by vlc_xml_decode().

◆ vlc_b64_decode_binary_to_buffer()

size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary_to_buffer ( void *  dst,
size_t  size,
const char *restrict  src 

◆ write_duration()

static void write_duration ( struct vlc_memstream stream,
vlc_tick_t  duration 

◆ write_meta()

static int write_meta ( struct vlc_memstream stream,
input_item_t item,
vlc_meta_type_t  type 

Variable Documentation

◆ xml_entities

const struct xml_entity_s xml_entities[]

Referenced by vlc_xml_decode().