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VLC er en fri og åpen-kilde kryssplattform multimediespiller og rammeverk, som spiller av de fleste multimediefiler og ulike kringkastingsprotokoller.

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    VideoLan er en ideell organisasjon.
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Nyheter & Oppdateringer


VideoLAN is publishing today, VLC 3.0.13 on Android and Android TV. This release fixes numerous issues from the 3.0.x branch and improves stability.


VideoLAN is publishing today, VLC 3.1.0 on iOS and on Windows App (WinRT) platforms. This release brings hardware encoding and ChromeCast on those 2 mobile platforms. It also updates the libvlc to 3.0.3 in those platforms.


VideoLAN is publishing the VLC 3.0.3 release, a new minor release of 3.0. This release is fixing numerous crashes and regressions from VLC 3.0.0, "Vetinari", and it fixes some security issues More information available here.
Update for everyone is advised for this release.


VideoLAN is publishing the VLC 3.0.2 release, for general availability. This release is fixing most of the important bugs and regressions from VLC 3.0.0, "Vetinari", and improves decoding speed on macOS. More than 150 bugs were fixed since the 3.0.0 release. More information available here.


VideoLAN and the VLC development team are releasing VLC 3.0.1, the first bugfix release of the "Vetinari" branch, for Linux, Windows and macOS. This version improves the chromecast support, hardware decoding, adaptive streaming, and fixes many bugs or crashes encountered in the 3.0.0 version. In total more than 30 issues have been fixed, on all platforms. More information available here.

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Jean-Baptiste Kempf: VLC for iOS and UWP 3.1.0 release

VLC 3.1.0 release After a few months since the release of VLC 3.0, today we release VLC 3.1.0 on 2 mobile OSes: iOS and Windows Store (UWP). This release brings ChromeCast integration to iOS and UWP, like it was present on desktop and A[...]

Jean-Baptiste Kempf: Welcome back!

After quite a bit of time far from the blog, I am back around here. The biggest reason for this silence was that this was taking a lot of my time, but I had almost no positive feedback on those posts. Let's see if we can do better this [...]

Geoffrey Métais: Modern concurrency on Android with Kotlin

Current Java/Android concurrency framework leads to callback hells and blocking states because we do not have any other simple way to guarantee thread safety. With coroutines, kotlin brings a very efficient and complete framework to manage[...]

Felix Paul Kühne: MobileVLCKit and VLCKit, part 3

This is part of an article series covering VLC’s Objective-C framework, which we provide to allow inclusion of all its features in third party applications as well as VLC for iOS and Apple TV. Previously published: Part 1: What is VLCKit[...]

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