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VLC for Android™

VLC for Android is a full port of VLC media player to the Android™ platform.
It can play any video and audio files, network streams and DVD ISOs, like the classic version of VLC.
VLC features a full music player, a media database, equalizer and filters, and numerous other features.
Version 3.5.4 • Android
or download the APK package from our mirrors.


  • Plays all files, in all formats, like the classic VLC.
  • Audio and video media library, with full search and history.
  • Support for network streams, including HLS and Dash.
  • Support for NAS and shared drives browsing.
  • Supports Android Version 2.2 (platform-8) or later for older versions.
  • Supports Android Version 4.2 (platform-14) or later for current version.
  • Supports ARMv7, ARMv8 / AArch64, MIPS and x86.
  • Support Android TV.
  • Support Chromebooks.
  • Subtitles support, embedded and external, including ASS and DVD subtitles.
  • Multi audio or subtitles tracks selection.
  • Multi-core and full hardware decoding.
  • Gestures, headphones control.
  • Audio equalizer and filters.
  • Supports secondary display.
  • Supports 360 video and 3D audio.

Help us!

Test it

We need help to test VLC under a variety of devices.
Please join us on our forum to provide feedback and get assistance with any issues you might have.

Send us phones

If you are a phone manufacturer or have spare phones, please send them to us :)
Contact us.

Decoding performance

VLC can decode video in software and hardware mode. Hardware decoding often provides better performance but is not supported on all devices. If your device Android version is below 4.3, software decoding may be the only supported option for you.


We have documentation available on our wiki - please have a look here.