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VLMa Overview

About VLMa

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VLMa is an application to manage broadcasts of TV channels, received through digital terrestrial or satellite ways. Its interface is provided as a web-site written in Java.
It is also capable of streaming audio and video files. VLMa consists of a deamon (called VLMad) and a web interface (called VLMaw).

VLMa is released under the GNU General Public License like VLC media player.


  • giving orders to VLM instances through VLC's telnet interface
  • monitoring of current streams
  • dynamic stream assignments (incl. fallback if a server is unavailable)
  • monitoring the streamers' state using SNMP
  • drawing of the streams stats as RRD graphs
  • notifications by mail or IM (IRC and MSN)
  • localized web interface in French and English

Download and install

To download VLMa, go to the download page.
Installation instructions are available in VLMa documentation.


DTT channel list


For support information, have a look at our support page.

A mailing-list and a forum are also available.

People using VLMa

If you use VLMa in another institution or company, please let us know.