VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

Team / Contact

The VideoLAN team is made up of developers from all over the world and former students of the École Centrale Paris:

The developers

There is a description of what they worked on, so that you can spot cool dudes. Note that dudes with a SVN account are very cool dudes. If you want to email a dude you will need to replace the '-replacewith@-' part with '@'.

The libdvbpsi team

The libdvdcss team

Billy Biggs
- libdvdcss enhancements

Sven Heithecker
- cache bug fix for discs with identical content but different keys

Samuel Hocevar
- original CSS decryption code from vlc

Eugenio Jarosiewicz
- MacOS X DVD ioctls

Jon Lech Johansen
- Win32 port
- Fixes to the Darwin port

KO Myung-Hun
- OS/2 port

Jean-Baptiste Kempf
- maintainer

Markus Kuespert
- BeOS port of the DVD ioctls

Pascal Levesque
- QNX port

Steve Lhomme
- win32 improvements

Christophe Massiot
- former maintainer

Steven M. Schultz
- BSD/OS port

Alex Strelnikov
- OS/2 port

German Tischler
- FreeBSD DVD input patch

Gildas Bazin
- various fixes to the Win32 port

Contacting us

See the contact page.