VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.


The VideoLAN project is led by and composed of a team of volunteers who believe in the power of open source to rock the multimedia world.

The VideoLAN non-profit organization

The VideoLAN project is supported by the VideoLAN organization, based in France.

The VideoLAN non-profit organization has a committee and members that are part of the VideoLAN project.

The current board of VideoLAN organization is composed by:

  • President: Jean-Baptiste Kempf
  • Vice President: Konstantin Pavlov
  • Treasurer: Denis Charmet
  • Secretary: Felix Paul Kühne

Open Source

VideoLAN produces free software for multimedia, released under the General Public License.

Hosted projects

VideoLAN hosts many open source projects, related to multimedia, including the famous VLC.
Check the list of projects.


VideoLAN welcomes all contributions to the project! You can contribute time (development, documentation, packaging, tests, user support, ...), material or even money. See the contribution page for more information.


We regularly attend computing events, like FOSDEM (Free-software and Open Source Developers European Meeting). We generally come back with some photos and stories.


The project started as a student project at the French École Centrale Paris, in 1996. After a complete rewrite in 1998, it became Open Source, thanks to the agreement of the École Centrale Paris, in 2001.

The project started to open up to developers outside of the École. It is now a worldwide project with developers from 40 countries.

Since 2009, the project is completely separated from École Centrale Paris, and is driven by an autonomous non-profit organization.


Please see contact page for important queries, questions and remarks.