VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

Press Releases from VideoLAN

VideoLAN supports the UNHCR

VideoLAN is a de-facto pacifist organization and cares about cross-countries cooperations, and believes in the power of knowledge and sharing. War goes against those ideals. As a response Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we decided to financially support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and their work on aiding and protecting forcibly displaced people and communities, in the places where they are necessary. s

Announcing VLC for Apple TV

The VLC team is proud to announce the first port of VLC on the Apple TV!
VLC on the Apple TV allows you to get access to all your files and video streams in their native formats without conversions, directly on the new Apple device and your TV.

VLC media player 2.2.0 released

VideoLAN and the VLC development teams are proud to publish a major new release of VLC.
The 2.2.0 release of VLC media player for the desktop is coordinated, for the first time ever, with releases on iOS, Android (including Android TV), WinRT (Windows RT and x86) and Windows Phone.
VLC runs everywhere!


Press Release about VLC distributed decoding and conecoin
VLC starts a distributed codec and a new currency

VLC for iOS 2.0 released

We have exciting news to share. VLC for iOS will be back on the App Store today!
It will be available free of charge in any country, requires iOS 5.1 or later and runs on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
This is more than an upgrade of the initial version: it's a full re-write. It's way faster thanks to modern output modules for audio and video, offers multi-core decoding, and supports any video files available in VLC media player for desktop operating systems.


Press Release about Shoutcast Removal in VLC.


VideoLAN is seriously threatened by software patents due to the numerous patented techniques it implements and uses. Also threatened are the many libraries and projects which VLC is built upon, like FFmpeg, and the other fellow Free And Open Source software multimedia players.


Press Release about DADVSI and its impact on VLC


VLC media player to remain under GNU GPL version 2


Apple-VideoLAN partnership announced, Mac VLC to be Intel only


Following announcement by Cinema On the Web (COW) and DivXNetworks of the new COW video on demand service, the VideoLAN project team members were informed of a possible violation of VLC media player's license. The VideoLAN project, which owns copyrights to VLC, distributes VLC as free software exclusively under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).