VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

Consulting services

The following is a list of individuals and/or companies experienced with multimedia and VideoLAN solutions.
You may contact them for professional services to order.



OpenHeadend was founded by VLC co-founder and DVBlast and multicat main developer Christophe Massiot, and provides the broadcast industry with a modular platform allowing video stream reception, processing and recording. It also provides consulting services, and is the working force behind the open source flexible video framework Upipe.



Videolabs is a french company founded by two VideoLAN members and focused on Open-Source multimedia development for various platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. We can help you to define, design and implement the best solution for your current and future projects.



M2X is an ICT company that is specialized in using Open Source software for providing solutions to IT problem areas of Networking (wired or wireless), Embedded and Multimedia. The founder of the company is a VideoLAN developer Jean-Paul Saman (see the VideoLAN team page for more information on his contributions).

In typical modern ICT solutions the three expertise areas Networking, Embedded and Multimedia are present. Either being targeted at consumer electronics (eg: settop boxes) for IPTV solutions or big servers machines.
M2X provides innovative solutions for these use cases through its experience in developing and integrating Open Source software like VLC and embedded linux in customer products.



French company founded by four members of the VideoLAN team (Brieuc Jeunhomme, Tristan Leteurtre, Damien Lucas and Alexis de Lattre - to know more about them, see the VideoLAN team page). Anevia sells professional video servers and provides development and integration of high quality video streaming solutions.


Such an experience would never have been born without the invaluable cooperation of our partners, on both technical and financial sides:



The French ISP Free S.A.S hosts 3 of our servers in one of their datacenters near Paris.
Free is also using VLC for their FreePlayer project.

Free hosted and sponsored our first DevDays in 2008 and also in 2013



Gandi is a one of most popular registar in France and in Europe. Founded in 1999, and based in Paris and in London, it has had a long history of quality, proximity to people and decent prices.
Gandi has always cultivated its difference and humanity and supports many projects following the VideoLAN's ideals.

Gandi supports VideoLAN by managing their domain names and helping the VideoLAN association in various administrative tasks.

Andrew Beveridge


Andrew Beveridge is a freelance web developer based in Scotland, UK. He donated a virtual server to the project to help with building each release, as a way of giving something back to his media player of choice for a decade.

École Centrale Paris


The École Centrale Paris and it's Master in Open Information System are historic partners of the project. The Master in Open Information System aims to enable the student to acquire a real competence in the field of Open Computing Systems and supports VideoLAN as a key developement project.

ZF Friedrichshafen


ZF Friedrichshafen AG and its subsidary ZF Electronics GmbH donated five "Cherry" branded keyboards to improve the media hotkey integration in VLC's Mac OS X port.



Panasonic Deutschland, a division of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, lent us a SC-XH150 setup consisting of a S/PDIF input capable DVD player and a 5.1 speaker set, which allowed us to fix the optical audio output on OS X Lion.

Puget Systems


Puget Systems donated an Echo II to the project to aid in development of GPU acceleration on Intel graphics.
Puget Systems is well known for their quiet computers, exceptional customer service, and the ever popular Aquarium Computer. They offer custom built computers from gaming and desktop, to liquid cooled and trading computers.


TASCAM, a division of TEAC Europe GmbH, lent us a US-144 MKII MIDI interface, which allowed us to add support for multi-buffer audio output devices to VLC's Mac OS X port. This improvement will be part of VLC 2.1.



EPITECH is a French educational institution specialized in computer science expertise. Founded in 1999, it is one of the best institutions for computer science in France and has seeded many very innovative companies.

Epitech hosted and sponsored our second DevDays in December 2009.

Western Digital


WD, one of the largest hard-drive manufacturer donated some of their new wireless storage drives to improve UPnP and network discovery in VLC. They were also kind enough to send us one of their discontinued product to help fixing a incompatibility with VLC for iOS.

MetaBrainz Foundation

MetaBrainz Foundation

The MetaBrainz Foundation runs a number of open source projects revolving around open data, most of those focusing on music metadata.

VLC media player is using data from their MusicBrainz and Cover Art Archive projects to enrich the experience of our users.

Respected Generous Donators

We would like to thank all the people who supported the VideoLAN project through their remarks, bug reports or donations. We're particularly grateful to the following people whose contributions made some important projects possible. The partners page also lists some companies and institutions who helped VideoLAN.

Past Partners

We would like to thank other companies that helped us in the past, on both technical and financial sides:

Cybervia has provided and paid for the hosting of one the VideoLAN development server (Skanda server) for a couple of years.

IBM gave servers to VIA to host VideoLAN services and awarded VideoLAN in the Linux Challenge, an international challenge for opensource projects developed by university students.

British Telecom Exact Technologie developed an IPv6 port of the VideoLAN solution.

AT&T developed a multicast support for VLC.

SNCF hired Samuel Hocevar, a VLC developer, to work full-time on enhancing VideoLAN.

I.D.M hired Simon Latapie, a VLC developer, to work on enhancing VideoLAN.

Lacie offered the team four DVD burners and a 1.6 Terabytes Hard Drive.

Uniways was a videosurveillance systems company. They helped us porting VLC media player to Windows Mobile and sponsored our first DevDays in 2008.