VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

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VideoLAN is free and open source software; and is not backed by any company. Developers are mostly volunteers.
Therefore, please remember that every user support is provided by volunteers doing it in their free time.
Noone owes you an answer to your question.

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Update Warning Concerns
3.0.12 update screen

If you want to contact us about the update warning, as pictured above, you may encounter on Windows platforms

Click here for more information



If you have any questions about VideoLAN or about VLC media player, you should always start by reading the Official FAQ.


You can access our Documentation, especially the VLC User Documentation.

You can also check our Good old community-driven knowledge base.

Help and Support

You have a Usage Problem

If you have problems using our software, you should:

You want to ask a question

To ask a question, you need to prepare a correct report using the VLC report page.

Then ask your question, on:

  • Our Forum, in the correct section
  • Our live-chat IRC channel on the Network:
    Channel: #videolan
    Use the KiwiIRC Web interface, if you don't have an IRC client at hand.

Reporting bugs
and feature requests

Please read our reporting bugs policy.

VLC bug tracker

Go to the VLC bug reporting site.

VLMC bug tracker

Go to the VLMC bug reporting site.

Consulting services

If you are a professionnal, and need services around our products, some companies provide professionnal support. They are listed on the consultants page.

Contacting the team

For other matters, see the contact page.