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VLMa Scheduling a channel

After having added a channel, you can check it out in the Media tab: if the channel is there, it is ready to be scheduled.

To schedule a channel, you have to click on "Program" on the right side of the channel. Afterwards, you choose its priority and hit "Program".

What does priority mean? The bigger priority is, the most likely it is to be streamed on the network.

For example, let's imagine you set 2 channels to be streamed, one whose priority is 10 and the other one is 5. Once the daemon is started, it will try to stream the channel with a higher priority first. Thus, the channel with priority 10 will be streamed first. If the server is still able to stream another one, it will take a look at the channel with priority 5.

In a few words: if you absolutely want channel A to be streamed, give it a very high priority.

You have also to choose a name for the SAP announce that will appear in the user's player.

It's done! VLMa assigns a multicast IP address of its pool to your channel and sends the streaming commands to the respective server.

VLMa home page will show that the channel is ready to be streamed now, if the servers are not too busy.