VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

User mailing-lists

The VideoLAN user mailing-lists are dedicated to:

They are English-speaking public mailing-lists.

Important mailing lists

The most important mailing-lists are:

Web interface for subscription, archives, ...

You can use our Mailing-lists management to:

Nota Bene

All the mailing-lists are in "closed-post" mode, which mean that messages from people who are not subscribed to the list need to go through a moderation process, which can take many hours or days, but is a necessary evil to avoid spam. The exception is the videolan-announce list, which is fully moderated.

Nota Bene 2

All the mailing-lists are in PUBLICLY archived which mean that your messages WILL be PUBLIC and mirrored in a way that we CANNOT remove the posts.

If you want to stay anonymous, use our forum for user questions, or contact us for any other topic.