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VLC playback Features

Input formats Video formats Audio formats Subtitle/Tag formats Interfaces Miscellaneous
Windows Mac OS X Linux BeOS FreeBSD OpenBSD
SAP/SDP announcesYes Yes Yes No Yes
Bonjour protocolNo Yes Yes Untested Untested
Mozilla/Firefox pluginYes Yes Yes No Yes
ActiveX pluginYes - - - -
SVCD MenusPartial No Partial No Partial
LocalizationYes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CD-Text 1Yes No Yes No Partial
CDDB CD infoYes Yes Yes No Partial
IGMPv3 2Yes No Yes No Yes
IPv6 2Yes Yes Yes No Yes
MLDv2 2Yes No Yes No Yes
CPU acceleration 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. CD-Text information provided via libcdio. This service is available on all platforms supported by the library.
  2. Depending on the operating system's support.
  3. Supported CPU extensions are MMX, MMXEXT, SSE, SSE2 and 3D Now! on x86 processors, and AltiVec on G4/G5 processors.
  • Yes = Yes
  • Partial = Partial
  • No = No
  • Untested = Untested


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