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VLC 3.0.16 Vetinari

VLC 3.0.16 is the seventeenth version of the "Vetinari" branch of our popular media player.

Hardware accelerated decoding for HD and UHD

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3.0.16 Fixes

  • VLC 3.0.16 is the seventeenth update of "Vetinari":
  • Fixes delays when seeking with D3D11
  • Fixes opening DVD folders with non-ASCII characters
  • Fixes ASF regressions with broadcast streams
  • Fixes dropping audio on seek with specific MP4 content
  • Read the documentation when upgrading from VLC 3.0.12.
  • Adds TouchBar support on macOS
  • Fixes seek & volume sliders overlapping with subtitles
  • Improves freetype fonts outlining
  • Fixes HTTPS support on Windows XP
  • Fixes OPUS and ALAC playback in WAV
  • Read the Changelog.

3.0 Highlights

  • VLC 3.0 "Vetinari" is a new major update of VLC
  • VLC 3.0 activates hardware decoding by default, to get 4K and 8K playback!
  • It supports 10bits and HDR
  • VLC supports 360 video and 3D audio, up to Ambisonics 3rd order
  • Allows audio passthrough for HD audio codecs
  • Can stream to Chromecast devices, even in formats not supported natively
  • Can play Blu-Ray Java menus: BD-J
  • VLC supports browsing of local network drives and NAS
  • Read the Changelog.

3.0 Features

  • Network browsing for distant filesystems (SMB, FTP, SFTP, NFS...)
  • HDMI passthrough for Audio HD codecs, like E-AC3, TrueHD or DTS-HD
  • 12bits codec and extended colorspaces (HDR)
  • Stream to distant renderers, like Chromecast
  • 360 video and 3D audio playback with viewpoint change
  • Support for Ambisonics audio and more than 8 audio channels
  • Subtitles size modification during playback
  • Secure passwords storage
  • Hardware decoding and display on all platforms
  • HEVC hardware decoding on Windows, using DxVA2 and D3D11
  • HEVC hardware decoding using OMX and MediaCodec (Android)
  • MPEG-2, VC1/WMV3 hardware decoding on Android
  • Important improvements for the MMAL decoder and output for rPI and rPI2
  • HEVC and H.264 hardware decoding for macOS and and iOS based on VideoToolbox
  • New VA-API decoder and rendering for Linux
  • BD-Java menus and overlay in Blu-Ray
  • Experimental AV1 video and Daala video decoders
  • OggSpots video decoder
  • New MPEG-1 & 2 audio layer I, II, III + MPEG 2.5 decoder based on libmpg123
  • New BPG decoder based on libbpg
  • TDSC, Canopus HQX, Cineform, SpeedHQ, Pixlet, QDMC and FMVC decoders
  • TTML subtitles support, including EBU-TT variant
  • Rewrite of webVTT subtitles support, including CSS style support
  • BluRay text subtitles (HDMV) deocoder
  • Support for ARIB-B24, CEA-708
  • New decoder for MIDI on macOS, iOS and Windows
  • Rework of the MP4 demuxer:
    including 608/708, Flip4Mac, XiphQT, VP8, TTML mappings
  • Rework of the TS demuxer:
    including Opus, SCTE-18, ARIB mappings
  • HD-DVD .evo support
  • Rework of the PS demuxer, supporting HEVC, improving compatibility of broken files
  • Improvements on MKV, including support for DVD-menus and FFv1, and faster seeking
  • Support for Chained-Ogg, raw-HEVC and improvements for Flac
  • Support for Creative ADPCM in AVI and VOC files
  • Improved metadata formats in most file formats
Protocols and devices
  • Full support for Bluray Menus (BD-J) and Bluray ISO
  • Rewrite of Adaptive Streaming protocols support
  • Support for HLSv4 to HLSv7, including MP4 and ID3 cases
  • Rewrite of DASH support, including MPEG2TS and ISOBMFF
  • Support SAT>IP devices, for DVB-S via IP networks
  • Support for HTTP 2.0
  • Support NFS, SMB and SFTP shares, with browsing
  • Support for SRT streaming protocol
Stream output and encoding
  • Support for streaming to Chromecast devices
  • Support for VP8 and VP9 encoding through libvpx
  • Support for streaming Opus inside TS
  • Support for mp4 fragmented muxing
  • Improvements for x265 encoding
Video outputs and filters
  • OpenGL as Linux/BSD default video output
  • Improvements in OpenGL output: direct displaying and HDR tonemapping
  • Rework of the Android video outputs
  • New Direct3D11 video output supporting both Windows desktop and WinRT modes
  • HDR10 support in Direct3D11 with Windows 10 Fall Creator Update
  • Hardware deinterlacing on the rPI, using MMAL
  • Video filter to convert between fps rates
  • Hardware accelerated deinterlacing/adjust/sharpen/chroma with VA-API
  • Hardware accelerated adjust/invert/posterize/sepia/sharpen with CoreImage
  • Hardware accelerated deinterlacing/adjust/chroma with D3D9 and D3D11
Audio outputs and filters
  • Complete rewrite of the AudioTrack Android output
  • New Tizen audio output
  • HDMI/SPDIF pass-through support for WASAPI (AC3/DTS/DTSHD/EAC3/TRUEHD)
  • Support EAC3 and TRUEHD pass-through for PulseAudio
  • Rework of the AudioUnit modules to share more code between iOS and macOS
  • SoX Resampler library audio filter module (converter and resampler)
  • Ambisonics audio renderer, supporting up to 3rd order
  • Binauralizer audio filter, working with Ambisonics or 5.1/7.1 streams
  • Pitch shifting module
OS Versions
  • Windows XP ➔ 10 RS3
  • macOS 10.7 ➔ 10.13
  • iOS 7 ➔ 11
  • Android 2.3 ➔ 8.1
  • Android TV, Chromebooks with Play Store
  • Windows RT 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox 1, Windows Store
  • GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, *BSD
Android specific
  • Chromecast support from your phone
  • HEVC hardware decoding using MediaCodec
  • Android Auto with voice actions
  • Available on all Android TV, Chromebooks & DeX
  • Support for Picture-in-Picture
  • Playlist files detection
  • New bindings for C++ and C++/CX
  • New input-from-memory to implement custom protocols or DRM
  • Support for ChromeCast and Renderer targets
  • Improve API for servers discovery
  • New API for dialogs, notably for HTTPS warnings
  • New API to manage slaves inputs, including subtitles over the network
  • Improve codec, format descriptions and associated metadata
  • Improve EPG events API
  • Better support for Android applications, native and Java ones

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