VideoLAN association
A project and a non-profit organization, composed of volunteers, developing and promoting free, open-source multimedia solutions.


Before contacting us, please check the FAQ first to be sure that you actually need to contact us!

VLC Support

For VLC media player user-related questions, please see our Support section.
See also our Wiki and our Forum.

VLC Development

For VLC media player developer questions, please see our Developer section.


If you are a journalist or a blogger and need answers to questions, please check the press center and use e-mail.

In case you write an article about VideoLAN, we would be very glad to have a copy of it to add to our press book. You can send us the article at the postal address.


If you have a question regarding the use of a product, please check the legal FAQ.

Any legal document must be sent to the postal address.


To contact us by e-mail, please use and write in French or English.

Any question about VLC usage and BUGS will not be answered. See the Support center for these matters.

Remember, we are a volunteer non-profit organisation, and we do not offer jobs and cannot sponsor third party events.

Postal Address

18, rue Charcot
75013 Paris


The phone will very rarely answer and is strictly NOT for user support:

+33 951 11 20 20

You can send faxes to us; except for legal issues, where faxes are not accepted :

+33 956 11 20 20