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Videos about vlc


You may freely use these VideoLAN logos using the following copyright:

Copyright (c) 1996-2010 VideoLAN. This logo or a modified version
may be used or modified by anyone to refer to the VideoLAN project
or any product developed by the VideoLAN team, but does not indicate
endorsement by the project.

There have been many many versions of the VideoLAN cone:

Misc Images and Wallpaper

PlaysItAll made by Asim Siddiqui:

Cone Icons with blue strip made by Asim Siddiqui:

Funny cones for VLC preferences

High-Quality Cone icons done by Tom Bigelajzen

Transparent cone by Yvo Schaap

All videolan background images can now be downloaded in one RPM package. The (relocatable) package has been built by Jean-Paul Saman on RH 9.0, but should also be useable on SuSE, Mandrake and other RPM-aware distributions.

To install the package:

The source package can be found here.

Jason Jaeger made this VLC background:

Jason Jaeger
Image 1280x1024 (163kB)
Image 1024x768 (167kB)
Image 800x600 (121kB)

HPep made this VLC background:

Image 1024x768 (159 kB)

Emmanuel Puig (alias Karibu) made these VideoLAN logos:

Logo 1
Image 1600x1200 (136 kB)
Image 1024x768 (85 kB)
Logo 2
Image 1600x1131 (106 kB)
Image 1024x724 (67 kB)
Logo 3
Image 1600x1200 (75 kB)
Image 1024x768 (47 kB)

Simon Latapie (alias Garf) made this VideoLAN logo:

Logo 4
Image 2872x2154 (379 kB)
Image 1600x1200 (99 kB)
Image 1024x768 (55 kB)

This nice high-quality image was done by Tom Bigelajzen

These nice logos where drawn by BRi7X:

Yet another VideoLAN logo Yet another VideoLAN logo Yet another VideoLAN logo Yet another VideoLAN logo Yet another VideoLAN logo Yet another VideoLAN logo

These nice background images were made by Peter Bauer from Wikingsoft:

Image 640x480 (188 kB)
Image 1024x768 (56 kB)

This background image was made by Asim Siddiqui:

Image 1024x768 (15 kB)

Image 1280x960 (19 kB)

Image 1600x1200 (26 kB)

Boot Screens

Karibu also made a VideoLAN LILO bootscreen:

LILO bootscreen

Download the image and the instructions: lilo-videolan.tar.gz.


Get VLC media player

Use the following code to include this banner in your site:

<a href=""
 title="Get VLC media player -
        It plays, it streams, it kills WiMPs!!">
goodies/buttons_getVLC/GetVLC_110.png" width="110"
height="45" alt="Get VLC media player" /></a>

The following sizes are available:

This banner was created by Derk-Jan Hartman and licensed under this Creative Commons License.

Another banner made by Gen:

get VLC !

And another one by snis: Community Member Community Member

Get the sources.

An older banner:

get VLC NOW!


Soon !


VLC Chocolate bars

Get a hand on the famous and unique VLC Chocolate made in Italia ! (from 30€/25 bars)

VLC Chocolate


VLC Stickers and Bumpers

Stickers designed to customize your notebook, pc, workstation, server with a professional look and a fresh design, at UnixStickers

VLC Stickers

Another set of stickers is provided by it2l (shipping only to France)