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A project and a non-profit organization, composed of volunteers, developing and promoting free, open-source multimedia solutions.


1 February 2011 - Ten years of open source

10 cones

20, 21 December 2008 - First Dev Days '08

The VideoLAN community is a fast-evolving and ever-changing community and development happens really fast. While this is fun, it is always difficult to meet and discuss with each other in person.

VDD'08 Group Picture

More pictures.

23, 24 February 2008 - FOSDEM

Once again, a few of us attended FOSDEM this year. We didn't hold any presentation but it was a nice occasion for us developers to meet in real life and to discuss about VideoLAN future, especially the migration from SVN to GIT and the release of VLC 0.9.


From left to right: ivoire, LeJo, phytos, jpountz, jb, JPeg, jpsaman, dionoea and Remiii.

Here you can find other photos of the VideoLAN team at this event thanks to ivoire and phytos.

30/31 January - 1 February 2007 - Solutions Linux

VideoLAN will attend the Solutions Linux expo in Paris. This year, we'll have a booth in the free associations area. Don't forget to drop by !

Solutions Linux 2007

26/27 February 2005 - VideoLAN is hot at FOSDEM

Like last year we again attended FOSDEM. And this year we were HOT. People flocked around our demo's. There were several multicasted streams and the 7 laptops all did something different with them.

IMG_1258.JPG (1600x1200)

Rotating OpenGL transparent cube shown in a transparent output window running on Mac OS X. Next to it Colored ASCII Art output with a text (marquee) and a logo filter running on FreeBSD.

IMG_1205.JPG (1600x1200)

Then a demo of Firefox showing a html page with the VLC plugin embedded (3 times) showing 3 different movies on Linux

IMG_1259.JPG (1600x1200)

On the left you see the VLC mosaic (picture in picture) filter showing a one movie transparent on within another movie and a textfilter. You also see the Wall filter showing how you can split up a movie into pieces on different monitors. It also shows the time and logo filters, as well as positioning of the text filter and uses caca output on a quarter of the wall.

IMG_1211.JPG (1600x1200)

The last demo shows the rotate filter, the wall filter, UTF-8 (japanese) subtitles, and some text overlays

Zorglub held a short presentation of VLC, you can download it (OpenOffice format) if you want and there are pictures here.

All the photo's can be viewed here. There are also some shots made by other FOSDEM attendees. They were pulled from the FOSDEM picture site. Copyright to the respective creators of the pictures, redistribution is not allowed. These files are for our own personal archive.

The VideoLAN team was represented by: zorglub, courmisch, yoann, dionoea, adn, thedj, bigben, jpsaman and fox. Niv Altivanik, Ruud Stelt and Peter and friend accompanied us frequently during FOSDEM and especially on saturday evening.

1/2/3 February 2005 - VideoLAN at Solutions Linux

Like every year, the VideoLAN team had a booth at Solutions Linux Paris with colorful demos and a lot of visitors !

Pictures of the booth

26 February 2004 - VLC media player on TechTV

On February 26, TechTV aired a small piece on VLC media player, showing of it's powerful DVD streaming capabilities.
You can view the clip from that show here: WMV2 ASF clip

20-22 February 2004 - VideoLAN @ FOSDEM in Brussels

So a few of us attended FOSDEM this year. We had a small booth with several laptops showing multicasted video's like "The Animatrix". Present were: Fox, sam, bigben, thedj, alexis, murray and jpsaman. Chris was our host in Brussels and goon also dropped in.

Jean-Paul Saman held a short VideoLAN presentation highlighting its history, present and future developments. The presentation in OpenOffice format is here and a PDF version is here.

Arnaud Limbourgh made a small movie of our booth with the demo setup.

Some more pictures made by FOSDEM attendees are gathered here. They were pulled from the FOSDEM picture site. Copyright to the respective creators of the pictures, redistribution is not allowed. These files are for our own personal archive.

25 June 2003 - VLC runner up for Apple Design Award 2003

VLC 0.5.3 is runner up (i.e. second) for Apple Design Award 2003. Colin Delacroix and Mathieu Poumeyrol where there at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and are taking the trophy back!

The Trophy

Pictures of the trophy

21 March 2003 - VIA-VideoLAN presentation day

The VIA and VideoLAN teams organized a presentation of their activity and they projects for the future to their partners and all the companies and institutions interested on March 21th 2003 at the École Centrale Paris.

Slides of the presentation (in french)

Pictures of the presentation

4-5-6 February 2003 - VideoLAN at Linux Expo Paris 2003

Like every year, the VideoLAN team had a booth at Linux Expo Paris with colorful demos and a lot of visitors ! This year, we had specials guests : our core Norvegian developer, Jon Lech Johansen (i.e. "jlj"), came with his father for the Expo to meet the French team and to visit Paris !

Pictures of the booth (taken by jlj's father)

VideoLAN booth at Linux Expo
Paris 2003 Part of the VideoLAN team

In the foreground: Damien Lucas (alias nitrox) in front of the imac kindly lended by Apple for the expo ; in the background, from left to right: an anonymous visitor, Jean Sreng (alias fox) and Jon Lech Johansen (alias jlj).

1-2 November 2002 - VideoLAN at the Free Software days in Lyons (Lyon)

VideoLAN was present at the Free Software Days (Journées du Libre) in Lyons (Lyon), France: we had a stand with a running demo of VideoLAN and we made a conference presenting VideoLAN with the first public demo of VLC as a plug-in for Mozilla under Linux! This event was organized by our friends of ALDIL.

Slides of the presentation (in french)


July 2002 - Jean-Paul Saman visits Paris with the French team

Our favorite dutch developer, Jean-Paul Saman, who works on the iPak port of VLC and on VLS, came to Paris and visited the French team on this occasion!

Click to see a bigger picture

From left to right: Jean-Paul Saman, Christophe Massiot (alias Meuuh) and Tristan Leteurtre (alias tooney). Picture taken in the beautiful Sceaux Park by the new mascot of our IRC channel, Aliénor Salin (alias ali).

May 2002 - The new network and the new test campaign at the Ecole Centrale

VIA Centrale Réseaux, the association which manages the network of the student residence of the Ecole Centrale Paris, has set up a brand new network from Extreme Networks. It is a full multicast and full layer 3 network with a multi Ethernet Gigabit backbone and 100 Mbit/s switches on the periphery.

The VideoLAN team has launched a new test campaign on this network. One thousand students take part in the test campaign. They can choose to view one of the 12 channels and switch from one to another instantly. For the first day of the test campaign, we organised a show at the Ecole Centrale for the students with an image wall !

Pictures of the new network

Pictures of the VideoLAN show

Picture of the VideoLAN team

April 2002 - Unpacking the IBM Thinkpad

We eventually received the IBM Thinkpad as a reward for the IBM Linux Challenge. VideoLAN is one of the 25 winners of the IBM Linux Challenge for opensource projects developed by university students. The Thinkpad is a T23: Pentium 1.13 Ghz, 128 Mbit of RAM, 30 Gbit hard drive, DVD player, modem and Ethernet card. It was shipped with Windows XP...! Its name is Velix. It will be used by the developers of the Ecole Centrale to develop and test the solution and also for the events that we organise around VideoLAN.

Pictures of the unpacking party

Feb 2002 - VideoLAN annual presentation day

The team organized a conference to present the project and its possible applications to companies who could be interested in technical or commercial partnerships. It took place on February 28th 2002 at the École Centrale Paris. Thanks for those of you who joined the presentation.

Slides of the presentation (in french)

Pictures of the presentation

Jan 2002 - VideoLAN at the Linux Expo in Paris

We were at the Linux Expo in La Defense (near Paris) from January 30th to February 1st to show the last achievements of our project: multicasting, advanced satellite decoding, real-time mpeg2 compression and streaming.

Linux Expo Day 1: pictures

Linux Expo Day 3: pictures

April 2001 - VideoLAN at the OpenSource days in Lyon

Slides of the presentation (in french)