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VLC for Unity

vlc-unity is an integration of the LibVLC engine with the Unity 3D game engine. This project allows to embed LibVLC inside a Unity-based game.

Since Unity apps and games are built using C#, LibVLCSharp is used for the scripting part when interacting with LibVLC in Unity. The rest of the plugin code, transparent to Unity users, is written in C++ for maximum performance and ease of use of the various graphics APIs (OpenGL, Direct3D).

VLC for Unity

Supported platforms

  • Windows Classic
    • - Minimum OS version: Windows 7
    • - ABI supported: x64
    • - Graphics API: Direct3D 11

  • Windows Modern (UWP)
    • - Minimum OS version: Windows 10
    • - ABI supported: x64, ARM64
    • - Graphics API: Direct3D 11

  • Android
    • - Minimum OS version: Android 4.2 (API 17)
    • - ABI supported: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
    • - Graphics API: OpenGL ES 2/3

  • iOS
    • - Minimum OS version: iOS 9
    • - ABI supported: ARM64. Simulator support will come later.
    • - Graphics API: Metal

  • macOS
    • - Minimum OS version: macOS 10.11
    • - ABI supported: Intel x64, Apple Silicon ARM64
    • - Graphics API: Metal

Sample scenes

Several Unity sample scenes are available to help you get started quickly!

  • - A minimal playback example with buttons
  • - 360 playback with keyboard navigation built-in
  • - A video with subtitles showcasing support
  • - The VLCPlayerExample provides a great base with more controls
  • - 3D scene you can move around in with a movie screen and chairs in a cinema room


User support and development is handled in the GitLab repository.


vlc-unity is available through git at:

git clone

The source code can be browsed online at

Contributions are welcome as merge requests in our gitlab repository.

3d scene in Unity
media element Unity