VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

VideoLAN Server

VLS is deprecated and unmaintained. Use VLC media player instead.

See the streaming page on


VLS is available through Subversion or by browsing the releases.

For informations about the versions, see the ChangeLog.


Document Status Download Maintainer
VideoLAN Server developer documentation Up-to-date HTML PDF PS Tristan Leteurtre

You can also ask questions in the development mailing-list, or try to meet the developers on IRC (#videolan, or any Libera Chat server) if you want to help us but don't know where to start.

Third party libraries used by VLS

libdvdcss - a library for accessing encrypted DVDs
libdvdread - a library for reading DVD-Video images
libdvbpsi - a library designed for decoding and generation of MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables
libdvb - a library to access the Linux DVB drivers