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VLC হৈছে এক বিনামূলীয়া আৰু মুক্ত উৎসৰ ক্ৰছ-প্লেটফৰ্ম মাল্টিমিডিয়া প্লেয়াৰ আৰু ফ্ৰেমৱৰ্ক যিয়ে প্ৰায়ভাগ মাল্টিমিডিয়া ফাইল আৰু বিভিন্ন ষ্ট্ৰীমিং প্ৰ'ট'ক'ল চলায়।

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  • Donate to VLC
    VideoLAN এক অলাভকাৰী সংগঠন।
    All our costs are met by donations we receive from our users. If you enjoy using a VideoLAN product, please donate to support us.
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অৱদান দিয়ক
  • Contribute Work to VLC
    VideoLAN মুক্ত-উৎসৰ ছ'ফ্টৱেৰ।
    This means that if you have the skill and the desire to improve one of our products, your contributions are welcome
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  • Spread VLC
    We feel that VideoLAN has the best video software available at the best price: free. If you agree please help spread the word about our software.
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বাতৰি আৰু আপডেট


VideoLAN is proud to release the new major version of VLC for Android. It comes with new widgets, network media indexation, a better tablet and foldable support, design improvements in the audio screen, improved accessibility and performance improvements.


Today, VideoLAN is publishing the 3.0.17 release of VLC, which adds support for a few formats, improves adaptive streaming support, fixes some crashes and updates many third party libraries. More details on the release page.


We are happy to announce a major update of VLC for iOS, iPadOS and tvOS adding a new video playback interface, support for NFS and SFTP network shares and major improvements to the media handling especially for audio. See the press release.


libbluray and related libraries, libaacs and libbdplus, have new releases, focused on maintenance, minor improvements, and notably new OSes and new java versions compatibility. See libbluray, libaacs and libbdplus pages.


Since its very early days in 1996, VideoLAN software is written in programming languages of the C family (mostly plain C with additions in C++ and Objective-C) with the notable exception of its port to Android, which was started in Java and recently transitioned to Kotlin. VLC does not use the log4j library on any platform and is therefore unaffected by any related security implications.

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