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Press Release about VLC distributed decoding and conecoin

VLC starts a distributed codec and a new currency

The multimedia world evolves quickly, new codecs need more and more processing power to achieve higher compression rates with better quality.
Yet tablets and smartphones are too small to go to the Ultra-HD level, and some old computers shouldn't be sent to trash just to see High-Quality videos.

Seeing that VLC counts dozens of millions of users around the world and that many PC on which it runs have a lot of unused computing power, the VideoLAN Team has finished its work on a distributed codec named "CloudCodet" that could allow our most privileged users to help the other users decode their video. Imagine millions of computers all working together to make multimedia contents available to everyone!

Of course, we won't push CPU load and electrical power on our beloved users for nothing!

As a non-profit organisation, VideoLAN is unable to pay you real money, which is why, following the latest trends, the team is proud to introduce its own electronic money: ConeCoins!

Every CPU cycle used to help other people decode their video and audio will be counted as "mining" and will earn you those ConeCoins. We will soon introduce a shop to exchange coins for goodies like T-shirts, mugs, traffic cones and chocolates!

If everybody helps, we can make this connected world a more equal one! See you soon on the ConeMarket!

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You can find more info about this currency on this video.

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