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VLMa Medias

Media list

VLMa lets you broadcast 4 types of channels:

Updating the satellite channels list

To get the channel list of the satellites you receive, first click on 'Update satellite channel list' in the left menu. After that, go on to the website and choose the satellite you want to update.
Copy the address of the web page and put it in the "source" text box. Now, click on 'Update'.

Adding a TNT channel

To add a TNT channel, click on the button in the left menu and give its name, its broadcasting frequency and its SID (identifier).

Adding a files channel

To add a files channel, you need to provide paths to the files that you want to stream to VLMa.

For convenience, VLMa lets you select the server which has to stream the files if they are only available on the local filesystem so that you are not obliged to copy those files on every server.

Adding a stream channel

For stream channels, you only need to provide the URL of the stream to broadcast.

Scheduling a channel

To schedule a channel in order to broadcast it on the network, have a look here.